Impressions of The First Aion Beta Event

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Over the weekend NCSoft hosted the first range of closed beta events directing to the NA(North American) launch of Aion later this year. After spending some quality time with the game, Reuben Sardu Waters shares his experience impressions, offering us some in-depth view as to what makes Aion tick and why he walked away eager to see more in the upcoming weeks:

One more thing I took an immediate love to is the slick, one-piece UI. While there’s the option to toggle the placement of your character’s status window and the mini-map, at the top of the screen, which has become somewhat of an industry norm, the same as those players who will typically opt for a less cluttered screen in exchange for a better view of my surroundings. Many of the other bells and whistles you’d come to expect from a newer western MMO are also present ,for instance, the option to add more hotbars at the click of a mouse or even being able to preview armors before attuning them to your character.

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