Archetypes and Classes In Aion

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Just prior to E3, Aion is an MMOG that allows players to make something that they haven’t experienced before: fly in combat. Comparing with other games offer to fly as a means of travel or gimmick, Aion permits players to use flying as a strategic advantage in combat, allowing them to launch into the sky for certain maneuvers and tactics, making flight an extent ion of the combat system. Players will engage in Player vs Player vs Environment(PvPvE) as a dynamic war is raged against the opposing faction and the Balaur, a non-playable race of creatures.

Players will have an ability of choosing between four archetypes that will have chance to expand to two different classes. Those archetypes and classes are:

The Scout


The Priest


The Warrior

The Mage


Players can control either the Asmodians (demon-like creatures) or the Elyos (angel-like beings) , yet a third faction exists, the Balaur,whose function as NPCs and are designed to be unpredictable when they appear, for instance, during siege-like stages. They’re described as Draconic-like beings. On May 20th, 2009, Aion: Tower of Eternity, officially changed its name to just Aion.