Insight of Aion Class Customization

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Character customization is a huge section of how aion game players identify with their avatar and the folks at NCsoft know this! Aion has taken personality to all new level adding a whole army of sliders to make your character you wanna and various class customization options, as well.

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The Character Creator in Aion is unparalleled in the depth of customization you can get into. Actually speaking, many players take tons of time just to play around with the creator before entering the game. With 25 sliders to modify the head and face alone, you can nearly be sure that your character will be absolutely unique in Aion universe. And with another 16 sliders to modify the body, the world of Aion will be a pretty wonderful world indeed.

See screenshots that detail character creation and research on as possible as you could you will have an ability of making your Aion character your very own unique representation over at,so as to show off the unique features that Aion has.

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