Can Aion Be the King of MMOGs?

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It rises up with nearly every major title launch but this could be the first time where it is actually a question. Aion is doing amazingly well in the overseas markets, already takes place of many of the popular games and with a NA launch still a few months away, it’s also gathering steam here.

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Andrew Brandt talks a little about what he learned about Aion at E3 and shares why he thinks Aion just might have a chance to topple the King of MMOGs.The game’s International Development Manager (international, in other words, for South Korea-based NCsoft), Yong Taek Bae, explained that the game’s initial launch broke all sorts of records.

On Aion’s Korean launch day, which begins at 6am local time, when the company switched on servers and began allowing paying customers to join the game, nearly 11,000 players signed on each hour. By noon, the company needs to turn on four extra servers � in addition to the 21 running at launch, so as to attune the crowd. Each server is capable of supporting 7000 players at the same time.

But neither compared to China, in which the local company opening up the service had to increase to two times the volume of servers after its launch; They’re currently running around 70 servers continuously to get rid of the constant, heavy demand.

Aion is doing great overseas, will it blow away North America as well? Share your thoughts to us!