Can’t Even Register An Aion Account

Keywords: Aion Account, Aion CDKey, Aion TimeCard
Hello, my pals. Today I want to tell you something about problem for registering a aion account not in the range of beta regions, hope it helps!

Q. I bought the NA version and was sent a beta key. While entered the aion cd key into my Aion account registration on the NCSoft account management site, I got the message “The game you are attempting to create is not allowed in your region.” I can’t get past this message. I’ve been playing MMORPGs since EQ and have never had this problem before. Note: I live neither in NA nor in EU, therefore, is there some sort of a region lock on registering an aion account?

A. Well, I don’t think the beta access is allowed outside of the NA and EU regions. I know that Aion is going to be a worldwide game, but I guess NCsoft only lets NA and EU beta testers. But maybe later before Aions release they will allow beta testers from other places. So keep your beta key just in case. By the way, there are large amounts of aion kinah as well as aion time cards hot on sale at, so why not have a look?

You could attempt to get someone to create a beta account for you within NA or EU, and try to log on. At present, I don’t know whether they disallow your IP altogether on the game servers or not. Anyway, maybe using a proxy tool help!

Thanks for your time!