Discussion: The best Aion PvP Vid

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Hello, everyone. Welcome to our site, there are a number of cheap aion kinah, aion us beta keys as well as aion beta keys waiting for you. And today, let’s come to our topic. There’re several personal view from other gameplayers below.

  1. I’m kind of disappointed, they copy World of Warcraft’ style and put lineage2 graphics on it and voila, the next generation of WoW noobs are going to fill Aion. I’m sort of scared about later pvp in abyss when we see a few people with those ridicule transformations for high ranking people. Some of the skills they get are crazy.
  2. Looks pretty boring. Another run of the mill themepark MMO. But whatever I’m down to spend 2-3 months on Aion as long as it’s enjoyable. Nothing in Lineage2 is fun anymore despite lineage2 was more than enough time spent for me and I’ve done my couple required months in WoW. so I guess I shouldn’t expect much more.
  3. Now if they just went with what works and made it player based politics like Lineage2 I would probably be ridicously excited for this game but instead they tried their best to create a WoW clone… and a WoW clone they got. I kinda hope this game utterly fails or the next thing we might be hearing about is Lineage 3 with factions and cartoony gphx.
  4. we know exactly who are we killing, on my server we’re looking for the same players from the opposite race several times and we found them. The only downside of making aion a 2 race (actually 3) game is that you can’t kill your own race, rest is free to kill even if you like it or not and no place to hide at level 20+ .
  5. It seems like a nice graphic engine to work with for PvP vid , especially if PvP like that were to exist when official servers come out. I might be willing to give it a shot if it isn’t so time consuming. The idea of faction based PvP isn’t so bad anyway.

But anyhow, they’re becoming standard things in all mmo’s. I’m sure many people will enjoy it. I mean, look how many enjoy WoW. As I understand it Aion is NCSoft’s attempt to butt in on the casual market that WoW has created and I’m sure they will succeed to an extent. You should really give it a try first. Thanks for your time!